Connecting through isql in Sybase ASE 

Hi All,

Today I am going to discuss the ways how you can connect through isql client to Sybase ASE database.

  1. Using GUI (dbisql)
  2. isql client

When you install the Sybase ASE database on your machine, it will install almost all the necessary components. like SCC, isql , DBA Cockpit etc.

First thing what we need is client to connect the database. So in $SYBASE directory you will find a file called Unix environment) or SYBASE.bat(in Windows)

At first site what you need to do is set the environment variables for the Sybase ASE .

To do this

On Unix

$ . ./

On Windows

cmd/> SYBASE.bat

On execution of these files you will find all required environment variables will set. Like $SYBASE, $SYBASE_ASE, $SCC_HOME etc.

Now you are ready to connect your database.

$isql -U<username> -S <servername> -w999

when you will hit enter let the Unix system  ask for Password, enter the Password and you are inside the database. And you will see a prompt like


This is all about connection to the database using isql.